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     After Dracula was defeated at the stake of Professor Van Helsing, creatures everywhere lurched into the shadows and disappeared.  Peace was restored and prosperity grew across the land.  However, in time vampire familiars began to band together in roving gangs, forest elves turned dark, witches cackled across the sky, werewolves crawled from their caves, and zombie hordes roamed the land.  As evil festered, rumors spread of Dracula's escape from the void and the world filled with dread.         

     Argyle Van Helsing, descendent of  the famous Professor Abraham Van Helsing,  is continuing the family mission of destroying the vampire threat to humankind.  He searches for Count Dracula and his hidden Castle.  If Argyle can kill the Count, the vampiric reign of terror and blood shall end.   Little does Argyle know that the Vampire army has developed a new virus, Virus Z.  The vampire army and all of their minions are purposely infecting themselves with Virus Z.  For upon their death, they shall rise as . . .  ZOMBIE VAMPIRES!!

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